Spend Time with your spouse/families and loved ones

What can you expect for your family when you or a loved one joins the Army? What kinds of activities are available for families? What about shopping, financial readiness, and services available for children? .

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Arrival of US military troop last week.

Twenty US military soldiers got back to the states after successful processing of their leave.

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Army Relocation Assistance

Relocation is part of Army life. One of the things you can count on is that at some point you will relocate to a different installation, but you won’t have to go it alone. The Army helps move military families from one assignment to another and offers several different ways to assist in the transition.


The arrivals of some of the US military at Kandahar Airfield Afghanistan.

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Army veterans find new beginnings as Paralympic athletes, win gold.

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Soldier builds on Marine Corps experiences during Roving Sands exercise.

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Gen. Milley visits patients and staff at BAMC. and Chief of Staff of the US Army visits Fort Campbell.

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